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Peak Magazine was a project for my Advanced Layout class at the Art Institute of Colorado. Each student was given the task of creating a two page spread, along with advertisements and cover mockups. The class was given five weeks to complete this task, and students had to work together as a creative group to execute the design and meet the deadline. After discussion, my cover was chosen to be the face of Peak Magazine. The cover design features strong typography accompanied by breathtaking imagery, which makes for a bold, yet clean visual appeal. The design utilizes a common grid system for organizational and proportional purposes.  

Below is the article I completed for Peak Magazine. My spread was on the "Top Rooftop Hangouts in Denver". Similar to the cover, my introduction page is very typographic with strong imagery to gain the reader's interest. The body copy is arranged with a unique staggered grid style. Bold numbers offer necessary type hierarchy to distinguish each different column. 

project overview

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Assignments Restaurant in Denver, Colorado collaborated with students in the Graphic Design department at the Art Institute of Colorado to create a new brand image including logo and collateral in order to begin marketing and advertising more frequently. The client needed a brand image for people to recognize and remember them which is seperate from the Art Institute’s brand imagery. 

The main objective for this project was to provide Assignment Restaurant with a new brand image and collateral pieces that will ultimately attract more customers into the restaurant utilizing proper advertising and marketing techniques. 

The goal for my designs during this project was to keep it elegant yet simple. Red, white, and black are very formal colors, which offered a good palette to work with. The consistent them I was trying to use throughout my design was modern elegance. Denver is a very up and coming, hip location. Restaurants in Denver are quick to recognize and implement trends into their interior design, food, furniture, etc. The designs produced needed to be able to compete with that new edge being presented in the industry. 

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project overview

Cousins Coffee was a 11-week long corporate identity and package design project I was given in my Package Design class at the Art Institute of Colorado. Each student was given a fictional company with a background description, and was to create a brand identity along with package designs and collateral pieces. This was a very extensive but technical project that had lots of ups and downs but was a great learning experience. As usual, my designs featured strong sans serif typography and I built a brand image off simple elegance. 

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project overview

This project was assigned to me in my Intermediate Layout class at the Art Institute of Colorado. Each student had to create some type of multi page catalog booklet. Since I didn't want to do the traditional product catalog, I featured something more interesting. Space. 

The overall design of this project turned out to be more image based because of the content. All images used are very high quality and show the beauty of our universe. Paired with some aesthetic visuals to draw in the viewers attention to what is important on the page.

Pictured below are only a select few of the spreads included in the catalog booklet. In total it was about 25 pages long.

project overview

This was my favorite project I have completed at the Art Institute thus far. This rebrand was a project for my Corporate Identity class. Having completed this project, it really gave me an insight of what I wanted to focus on in the graphic design industry. Corporate Identity and Branding soon became my new focus in the field, and the direction I want to pursue post-graduation. 

For this project, we had to pick a local business, and completely rebrand them, and start from scratch. From developing a creative brief, to logos, marketing, collateral, and signage. It was an extensive 6 week long project, but the end result was worth it. A local business completely rebranded with my mark on it. 

I wanted to keep all my design and design elements modern, fun, and trendy. Breweries are some of the first places in the food industry to implement new trends, so I wanted that to show through with the design. 

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675 S Broadway
Denver, CO80209
(303) 778-6625

This is the restaurant inside the culinary program at The Art Institute school. The menu offers a choice of three appetizers, entrees and deserts - $16. Each quarter the menu has a different theme. The taste of the food was delicious; the presentation superb. Had I a picture of my plate you'd think it was French nouvelle but I had borscht and stroganoff -- very Russian. Excellent. I was with a group. Among us we had all of the menu items; everyone liked all. We will be going back every quarter. The restaurant is in the building west of the large parking lot. The signage is not great along Broadway. Just look for the canopy awning; that is the entrance.

What a fun lunch experience. Menus are set for the system. 3 course meal for only $12, not including beverages. There were 4 choices for each course. I did the seared scallop, steak and egg, and we got a sample of all the desserts. All the staff and chefs are culinary students learning their fields. They do take reservations, but not always necessary. There were only a few tables dining today.

5-stars for their service, value, and being a cooking school, perhaps it goes without saying, the food! These student chefs are obviously well on their way to graduating with honors. Assignments has a fancy atmosphere, offering the white-tablecloth experience, but without being stuffy. The students are eager to practice their steps of service - and the entire staff works as a team. You almost feel like you're sitting at the Downton Abbey dinner table because the timing for each course is perfectly orchestrated and you're waited on hand and foot. When we arrived, the lead instructor welcomed us with friendly conversation and also asked us if we were under any time constraints for the lunch hour. We planned for a longer lunch, but we were in and out in little over an hour. Don't go here if you have only an hour - I'm sure they can make it happen, but it's the type of place that you'll want to relax and not look at the clock. They excel at the details: fancy napkin "skirts" around the soup bowls (which are filled at the table), butter in the shapes of flowers, even catching water drips from the carafe with white-starched napkins. They basically follow all of the steps of service you'd expect at a fancy restaurant, except for tablecloth scraping, which I don't usually care for anyway. I mentioned's very reasonably priced, but more like a steal. Where else in Denver can you get a 3-course lunch for $12, a 4-course dinner for $21? Drinks are not included. Our waiter noted that they have unusual hours - open Weds - Friday, and they close at intervals that would seem random if you weren't familiar with the place being a culinary school. They suggest making a reservation, and I'm glad we made one as the restaurant was quite full. The portions are just right. You won't likely leave with a doggie-bag. My favorite dish was a wild-mushroom minestrone which had an very rich and savory broth. I also had a divine caramel pudding with a pine-nut macaroon on the side. Yes, dessert is included and the dessert portions were very large. Overall, every course we had was delicious, well-seasoned, and was a lot fancier than your average weekday lunch. My office is nearby, so I'll definitely be back!

The interest of dining at Assignments prior to going was very high. My thoughts were similar to the thoughts of going to a Hair School: fresh product, cheap cost, and great service. After all, Assignments (or any culinary school) is giving culinary students the opportunity to practice in a real dining environment to earn a grade. However, I found my time spent at Assignments a complete mess of 3 hours on a Friday night. First thing you should know - don't go here expecting to be wined & dined... literally. Assignments does not offer any alcoholic beverages, so I settled with an Iced Chai. Or should I say, the most watered down creamy substance that had a bare taste of chai tea? Second thing - be prepared to receive your neighbor's order after 45 minutes of waiting and 15 excuses to follow. Different than a Hair School, where the heck are the teachers? And by teachers I mean instructors to pull these students aside and teach them what to say for damage control and what not to say. I don't want to hear "Oh, I'm sorry your salad didn't have cheese. Your salad was actually supposed to go to that table" while pointing at a table on the other side of the room AND my salad was not the only salad at our table of 4 missing the cheese in the first place. A white lie in the restaurant business can make or break a ticket - but don't blatantly lie when no one received cheese or dressing on their salads. Additional, be prepared for side arguments between the students. They look at each other on how to serve the plates, they point at which side to serve the plates, and they bicker about not serving the plates correctly. Again, the purpose of Assignments is to learn the front and back of the house - not just about getting the food out hot. I don't want to hear "that's wrong!" or "what" as a response when I ask a question, and "yeah" is not a good answer to an open-ended question. Lastly, my tips for Assignments-goers: 1) for the first course - get the duck; but ask for the ricotta to be served with the duck. This dish was incredible once I stole my neighbor's ricotta to accompany it. 2) I am not a fan of onions, but the onion vinaigrette is delicious.. once I got it! 3) the portions are small, but they are flavorful. And let's be real, America could warm-up to smaller portions at dinner, in general. 4) the dessert that reads "tart" - note that it is nothing more than a super-sweet sugar cookie bottom. 5) do not dine here if you have post-dinner commitments. The dessert alone took 34 minutes to come out and the menu is PREFIX!!! I will likely never go to Assignments again, but I think everyone should try it at least once - for the experience and to help the students learn. That said, I don't expect them to truly learn when the majority of people dining there are family members AND they fail to hand out survey cards to give feedback. I dined there in July and I am just now writing this because I have considered if I should or not. Is it fair to review a group of students on a public site?? Well, they didn't really leave me an option now did they...

This is a very interesting restaurant as it staffed by students. Yes, they are supervised by their teachers, but you do get some real "entertainment" when eating here. In our experience, the food is always very good to fabulous. Creative dishes and the student chefs go all out. The service is hit or miss. If you go at the beginning of the term, then the servers are very nervous (terrified is a better term) and you have to be kind to them. They are much better at working the front of the house at the end of the term. But, strong or weak, they are friendly and fun to work with. Every lunch we have ever eaten here has been enjoyable. P.S. ALWAYS call before you go. They close during school vacations. They change their operating hours all the time.

I had lunch at Assignments Restaurant on Jan 26, 2012. Ended up in the ER with food poisoning. Left 2 messages at the restaurant to check if someone else had had the same issues. No one called back. I would not recommend this restaurant and for sure will never go back!

I'm granting five stars because, overall: What a really neat experience!!! Go here with having fun in mind and you'll love it. Not so much a first-date place, but the absolute PERFECT place for you and a friend or three...(ok, OR the date you've seen a few times and thought "alright, we're diggin' each other so let's hit some fun places...") From what I understand, they rotate out and share the "server" part so this would explain whey your server might be nervous. Ours was a bit, but she was awesome! Be very nice to them, as I really don't think the focus is as much on the waiting tables part as it is being a chef - and this makes me, anyway. Now, let's move on the the food. It was OUTSTANDING! The menu changes quarterly but on the Winter 2011 menu - I had a steak that came with Gorgonzola cheese, hand cut fries and home-made steak sauce. It was perfectly tender and I SWEAR that I would have drank that sauce right out of a cup. I will definitely return to try some other things on the menu that were of interest and I hear they serve lunch too. Check it out!

So I booked us a table this past Valentines Day, we had never been before. I had heard about the premise of the restaurant, and thought that it would be fun. I mean sure, there are naturally some reservations (ha)....student employees...the food is cheap (literally...$21 for 4 courses) there are definitely ways that this experiment could go wrong. However, the staff all had perfect timing, and every course was really very delicious. I have had only a few better meals at "normal" restaurants, and MANY that have been worse. In addition, it was really quite fun to watch the students and instructors. We had a great Valentine's dinner...we'll definitely be back!

Our family came here for his birthday. My son is a cook in the military and we loved the four course meal. All the meals were delicious and well prepared. The unison service was a little weird because we weren't use to it, but all in all everything was amazing.

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