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Creating a cover letter for a pediatric nurse job does not have to be stressful or challenging. By using the tips provided, you will be able to create a well-written, error-free cover letter that highlights all of your strengths. You will use your resume as your guide, so if you have not created a resume, do that first. The cover letter is the first impression that the employer for the pediatric nurse job will have of you, so be sure you take the time and energy necessary to make it perfect.

Let the Job Description Be Your Guide

Think of the pediatric nurse job posting as your guide for creating a cover letter. Each job posting includes a description of the minimum qualification requirements for all pediatric nurses at their hospital, clinic or office. It is your responsibility to make the connection between the listed job qualifications and your own educational background and work experience.

For example a job description might state that they are looking for a pediatric nurse with a bachelor's degree in nursing science, experience providing nursing care for severely ill pediatric patients, and a true passion for helping children feel comfortable and safe during their stay. This is your cue to highlight your educational background and give examples of tasks that you have completed when dealing with severely ill children. It may be helpful to include a sentence mentioning why you are applying for the pediatric nurse job.

Organize Your Cover Letter

After reading the job description and getting a better idea of what should go into your cover letter, you will begin writing. The first paragraph in your cover letter for a pediatric nurse job should be three to four sentences long, and it will introduce you to the employer. This paragraph will also include a sentence explaining that you are applying for a pediatric nurse job at their hospital, clinic or office, and that you believe you are qualified for the position. The last sentence in the first paragraph should briefly list your general qualifications. Make sure to include qualifications that meet the requirements of the job description.

The second paragraph, or body paragraph, will allow you to go into more detail about each of your skills and qualifications. In addition to learning more about your work experience, your potential employer will read this paragraph in hopes of learning more about you as a person, so let your personality shine through in your writing.

The final paragraph of your cover letter will briefly remind the reader of your qualifications and will invite him or her to contact you with questions. Do not forget to include your telephone number and email address.

Avoid Grammatical Errors

Your cover letter is the first impression your potential employer will have of you. If there are any mistakes throughout your letter, the employer will assume that you do not pay attention to details. Ways to avoid making unnecessary mistakes include having a professional edit your letter, asking friends and family to proofread the letter, and finally reading the letter several times before submitting it to an employer.

Pediatric Nurse Cover Letter

A cover letter is a letter of introduction of your qualification and skills to the employer. Reviewing a cover letter an employer can understand and know the credentials that you have for a particular position and whether you are beneficial for his organization or not. It helps the employer to screen the applications from the masses of applications he gets. Therefore, it is essential that you append a pediatric nurse cover letter along with your pediatric nurse resume. It will add an extra value for your resume and help you get call from the employer. Here, I have tried to provide you a job description for the pediatric nurse.

Pediatric Nurse Job Description

A pediatric nurse has to pass two or four year degree course in nursing or should complete graduation in the relevant field and pass a certification course in nursing. Even if they have completed degree in nursing they can apply for government authorized certification courses in nursing. Certified nurse gets license from the State Government, which offers them better employment opportunities as compared to others.

Format of Pediatric Nurse Cover Letter:

(Include details of applicant here)
Name: __________
Contact address: __________ E-mail correspondence: ___________
Telephone number: _________

Date: (Mention current date here in MM/DD/YY format)

(Include addressee's details here)
Name: __________
Title: _________
Organization name: ________
Address: __________ (Address of the company)

Subject: (Subject is to make the employer aware of the purpose of your letter)
Reference: (Write the name of the reference from where you came to know about this position)

Dear Mr. /Mrs. (Addressee's name),

First Paragraph: You can express your interest for the position you are applying for in this paragraph and how you can help the employer achieve his goals. You should also mention the name of the reference here once again even if you have mentioned it above. Show that you are genuinely interested in the position so that the employer reads your application further.

Second Paragraph: In this paragraph, you can amplify the skills and qualification that you posses for the required job position. Highlight those skills which you have included in your resume and are important for getting you a job in the particular organization for a particular position.

Concluding Paragraph: In the last paragraph, you can thank the employer and ask him/her to review your resume. You can also mention your contact number and e-mail id once again here in this paragraph.

Closing: (Regards/ Yours sincerely)
(Name of the applicant)

Enclosures: (Enlist them as given below)

  • Enclosure 1
  • Enclosure 2
  • Enclosure 3

Sample Pediatric Nurse Cover Letter

Martin Warren
675 Craftsmen Street
34 Warren's Cottage
Los Angeles
CA - 75867
United States
Phone Number: 839-466-8097
E-mail id:

Date: August 26, 2011

Rachel Austin
CCD Child Health Care
Los Angeles
CA - 73976
United States

Subject: Application seeking position of Pediatric Nurse

Dear Mr. Ray Warren,

I am sending this application for the position of pediatric nurse in your hospital in reference to the advertisement posted in FVT Employment News, dated August 26, 2011. I am enthusiastic about this position and would like to utilize my experience and skills in the same.

I have experience of dealing with the children of all ages, diagnose their health problems and issue medications for the same. I can help in rehabilitation after the treatment is over. I have thorough knowledge of the medications, their dosage and contents. I am a certified nurse from State Nursing Association, Los Angeles.

You can review my resume for more details about my profile and background. You can mail me at or call me at 839-466-8097.

Thanking you.

Martin Warren


The pediatric nurse cover letter example is written following the format given above. You can also draft your own cover letter by copying similar format.

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