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Faculty Mentor

Dr. Luci Leykum

Internal Medicine

Dr. Luci Leykum is a Professor of Medicine in the Division of Hospital Medicine who has been on the School of Medicine faculty since 2004. She is involved in clinical care, research, education, and administration at the Health Science Center.

Luci came to San Antonio after completing medical school and residency at the College of Physicians & Surgeons, Columbia University, where she also served on the faculty. She is married with two daughters, two parrots, two hermit crabs, two dogs, and two cats. Luci enjoys spending time with her family and dining on Mexican food!

Mentors in Medicine/MiMs (MSIV)

Jordan Frei

University of Utah


Hey everyone, my name is Jordan and I'm from St. George, Utah. I went to the University of Utah and majored in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. I worked as an advisor for a year at a high school in Salt Lake City before coming to San Antonio. Initially I thought I wanted to be a pediatrician, but everyone told me that I should keep an open mind and I tried really hard to follow that advise, and I'm still pretty sure that I still want to be a pediatrician.

I've enjoyed participating in the Pediatric Interest Group and the PRIDE group, and have enjoyed countless free lunches from many of the other great clubs on campus. In my free time I enjoy running, especially the greenways, and ran the Rock and Roll Marathon here in San Antonio last December. I also love playing soccer, video games, board games and, sometimes, reading books that aren't on VitalSource.

Farhana Khaja

University of Texas at Austin


Hello! My name is Farhana. I was born and raised in Houston, TX. I majored in Psych at UT Austin and then went straight into medical school afterwards. It's hard to believe that I came to San Antonio 3 years ago. San Antonio has treated me well since I have moved here. Currently, I'm thinking of going into primary care through a Med-Peds residency program.

Current hobbies: Dancing, cooking, eating, playing video games and enjoying time with friends and family.

John Martinez

Trinity University


Hey everyone! My name is John Martinez and I’m a rising MS4 at UTHSA who will be a MiM for the Leykum group in Blue Society (best society)! A little bit about me, I’m from San Antonio Texas. I graduated from Trinity University with a degree in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology in 2014. I went straight into medical school after college, so that’s what I’ve been doing since then! After three years of medical school, I’ve decided that I’m going to be going into Pediatrics! I would eventually like to practice Pediatric Cardiology. When I’m not studying I love dancing! I’ve been dancing hip-hop for some time now. Danced quite a bit in college and have kept up with it in Medical school. I love to freestyle/choreograph…so if you’re also a hip-hop enthusiast…let’s collaborate! Additionally, I’m an avid sneakerhead. I have quite the extensive shoe collection (ask people about it). Lastly, I also love my San Antonio Spurs…so you’ll catch me watching most games! Can’t wait to meet all of you!!!

Emma Sims

University of Notre Dame


Hi everyone, my name is Emma Sims! I am originally from Dallas, TX, but I traveled (really far) out of state for undergrad and attended the wonderful University of Notre Dame. During my time there I got a BS with a concentration in Spanish. After graduating I came straight to UTHSCSA and have greatly enjoyed my time here! There is so much to get involved in at our school and it's really easy to customize your experience to your interests. In the future I plan to pursue a career in Pediatrics, but until then we are going to have a great year together! Feel free to come to me with any and all questions or concerns-- be it restaurant recommendations, long distance relationships, or the perks of having a puppy in med school! Can't wait to meet you all!

Veritas Peer Advisors/VPAs (MSII)

Vinh-Son Nguyen


Hey! My name is Vinh-Son Nguyen (Pronounced: Vincent without the “t” sound). I hail from a suburb of Houston, TX called “Clear Lake” which is most famous for the greatest independent agency our federal government has ever produced: NASA. I am a lover of all things astrophysics and cosmology, so if you ever want to feel small in this universe or need perspective on how insignificant our medical school problems are in the grand cosmic arena then feel free to approach me.

I attended UTSA as a Biology major, but during my last semester I had the opportunity to live in Washington D.C. as part of the Archer Fellowship, learning about policy by interning on Capitol Hill. I hope to one day find the happy marriage between my interests of space, medicine, and policy. If you have an idea, please let me know. When I have time to decompress, I enjoy watching video essays on YouTube, playing my ukulele, and dabbling in photography. I look forward to meeting you all and hope you are mentally prepared for the year to come!

Alexis Ramos


I am from San Antonio (and have lived here my whole life). I went to the University of Texas at San Antonio for undergrad, and I also attend medical school here at UT Health San Antonio. What can I say? I couldn't leave the tacos here. My favorite class during undergrad was my Women's Studies elective, and I continue to follow that passion by being involved in organizations that deal specifically with women's health issues and disparities. The plan right now is to become an Emergency Medicine physician, but don't hold me to it because I am super indecisive. In my free time I try to exercise and eat healthy, but I really enjoy dancing and learning different styles of dance. Ask me questions!

Travis Bishop

Texas A&M University

My name is Travis Bishop. I'm originally from Austin, Texas, but I went to Texas A&M for my B.S. in Electrical Engineering (Ay Whoop!!). I came into med school straight out of college. My current interests in medicine are Med/Peds and Cardiology. In my spare time, I sing and play guitar, play basketball (but really any sport), like long walks on the beach, and go on road trips whenever possible.

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