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Writing satire isn’t as easy as it might seem. Satire is a way to concentrate on a problem, a person, or an event and bring attention to it using humor, exaggeration, and irony. Don’t think that all you need to do is mock at someone or something. This type of essay requires much more. You not only need to entertain the readers but also provide them with some useful, relevant, and even eye-opening information on the matter.

Most writers would agree that satire is one of the most difficult styles. No wonder many students often face difficulties with it. Even when writing about something you are interested in or have strong feelings about, satirical style can be challenging. That’s why we’ve gathered some helpful tips for college students, lots of essay examples, and prompts. Keep reading, and you will know how to start writing efficiently, what topics to consider, how to format your text, and how to end it with a strong and witty statement.

Write the Best Satire Essay

  • You should start by deciding what you want to write about. If you want to discuss current events, look through newspaper articles, blogs, or watch news on TV. It’s always better to pick something you have feelings about, even when those feelings are not positive. You can even pick something that makes you angry or a phenomenon that you want to change. It will make your writing process easier as you will be discussing the subject you are passionate about.
  • Don’t forget about your audience. You need to figure out who is going to read your paper, whether it’s your classmates, professor, or professionals in the field you are talking about in your paper. The satirical style is fun, but you need to stay within certain limits, depending on your audience.
  • Hyperbole is your best friend. When it comes to satire, don’t be afraid to exaggerate points and use hyperbole to increase the impact of your message. Allow yourself to be sarcastic from time to time. You can also check some helpful expressions that will exaggerate the irony and enrich your vocabulary, which will help you with your future writing assignments and projects.
  • Always control yourself. It’s easy to become offensive or rude when discussing something using the satirical style. Make sure not to write in poor taste, as we are all adults and should understand that irony and criticism can be funny, but they should not be mean on purpose.

Satire essays are rather opinioned and supposed to reflect your personal points of view. That’s why you can feel free to express your creativity, but don’t forget to support your opinions with real facts, as it’s not a work of fiction.

Pick the Coolest Topic

Good satire essay topics are the ones that are able to raise your reader’s interest. When a person reads your topic and thinks “Well, this is interesting, I really want to read the whole thing,” it means that the topic you’ve chosen is great. So, here are some ideas that might inspire you to write something witty and satirical:

  • Do politicians lie?
  • Why the clothes really make the man?
  • How to lie and make it sound convincing
  • What would happen if ducks ruled the world?
  • Why school is actually a waste of time
  • Wearing braces is fun
  • Do we really need the freedom of speech?
  • Things women wish men knew
  • Advantages of being homeless
  • Things men don’t understand about women
  • How to win an argument with your girlfriend
  • How to become popular
  • Reasons why Brexit is good for Britain
  • Why Robert Downey Jr. should be the next president
  • Reasons why the barter system is better than the current monetary system
  • Why advertising works

You can see now that writing a satire essay can allow you to use all of your creativity. Choose one of the aforementioned topics and write an outstanding essay on it. If you doubt your own strength, you can always ask our writers here, at, to write your satire essay for you. We also have a database of samples of different papers. Our website is made to ensure that you will create the best work and surprise your professor.

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A List of Outstanding Satirical Essay Topics for High School

Getting satirical essay ideas is easy when you start with what you know. This form of writing may be seen as humorous with a side of hard truth. The idea is to present your main idea with supporting information that balances fact and hypocrisy all in one. The right topic for this form of writing is important. You can choose anything related to social, political, environmental, or economic issues. There are editorial forms of this writing known by newspapers and magazines to consider if you want additional insight on how to blend each aspect. Here are basic tips to know when choosing a topic along with prompts for high school writing.

15 Writing Prompts to Generate Ideas

There are many ideas to consider for this form of writing where some will make your laugh and others will make you think twice about the situation before responding. Your topic will be influenced by what is going on in society. From time to time, there are things that happen where you see irony or hypocrisy. Here is a list of potential satirical topics for essay content. These ideas may help generate something original that will be easy to write. When you need inspiration for an idea, consider the following prompts.

  1. Paying taxes even though the government owes other countries money.
  2. Political issues highlighted in the daily comics.
  3. Diversity issues in a society that thrives on people being different.
  4. Cultural differences that are not being brought to the forefront.
  5. Raising awareness of helping the environment for future generations.
  6. Challenging a marriage considered non-traditional.
  7. Suicide rates are rising.
  8. Cancer diagnosis increasing for certain forms of cancer.
  9. Increased drug addiction cases for certain drugs.
  10. Growing obsession of internet and social media use.
  11. More people becoming couch potatoes or being lazy.
  12. Increasing concerns about teen pregnancy.
  13. Workplace harassment and gender bias.
  14. Working class citizens and problems they face.
  15. Obsession with clothing and other forms of fashion.

What to Remember When Choosing a Topic

It may take some time to figure out your idea but think about how often such content occurs without you thinking about it. There are forms of commentary reports in the media that use elements of this writing. Sometimes you have to make light of a negative situation in order to move forward from it. A sad or unfortunate situation may have a hint of humor that wasn’t intended. Think about an idea you can add humor, wit, and be creative in explaining your overall message. Look for sample papers with this form of writing to get more insight on ideas.

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