Halloween Writing Assignments Middle School

Lessons, Activities & Resources Help Your Class Explore Halloween History, Have Fun with Pumpkins, and More

By Phil Nast, retired middle school teacher and freelance writer

Found In: Language Arts & Literature, Social Studies, Grades 6-8

Lesson Plans

What Do Halloween Costumes Say?
Students in grades K-12 look critically at the Halloween costumes marketed to them. In schools where Halloween is observed, the activity can be used to develop guidelines for acceptable holiday garb.

Thrills! Chills! Using Scary Stories to Motivate Students to Read
Students in grades 6-8 examine story elements (e.g., character, setting, plot) through teacher read-alouds and independent reading. Reader-response journals and graphic organizers prepare students for the culminating activity – the creation of their own scary stories.

Halloween Carnival (Special Event)
Students in grades 6-12 participate in physical fitness activities to promote the acquisition of physical education skills.

Lesson Plan Collections

Hunting Ideas: Halloween in the Classroom and "On the Street"

Background Resources

Halloween History

The Origin & History of Halloween
What we know (and don't really know) about the origin and history of Halloween.

All Hallows' Eve
All Hallows' Eve falls on 31 October each year, and is the day before All Hallows Day, also known as All Saints' Day.


Samhain | BBC, Religions
This festival, coming between autumn and winter, marks the Day of the Dead.


Halloween Poisonings
A debunking of the widespread belief that there are documented cases of Halloween poisonings.



Arts & Crafts




The War of the Worlds - Mercury Theatre Original Radio Broadcast
Orson Welles’s Halloween broadcast of October 30, 1938.


Halloween | History.com
28 brief videos, 1 photo gallery and 2 interactives
Check out the pumpkin carving patterns.

This Is Halloween (3:56)
Song from Nightmare Before Christmas.

The Night America Trembled 1957 - H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds (59:24)
In this 1957 television play, Edward R. Murrow and actors present the story of the 1938 broadcast and the panic it caused.

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Grades   9 – 12  |  Lesson Plan  |  Standard Lesson

Teaching the Epic through Ghost Stories

In this lesson, students connect to the oral tradition of epic storytellers by sharing their own oral tales of ghosts and goblins and monsters.


Grades   9 – 12  |  Lesson Plan  |  Standard Lesson

Ghosts and Fear in Language Arts: Exploring the Ways Writers Scare Readers

Students analyze scary stories to 'break the code" of horror writing and use what they learn to write scary stories of their own.


Grades   6 – 8  |  Lesson Plan  |  Unit

Thrills! Chills! Using Scary Stories to Motivate Students to Read

Students examine story elements through teacher read-alouds and independent reading and then use reader-response journals and graphic organizers to prepare for the creation of their own scary stories.


Grades   K – 2  |  Lesson Plan  |  Standard Lesson

Collaborating on a Class Book: Exploring Before-During-After Sequences

Students and the teacher produce a class book through a group-writing activity, focusing on a basic before-during-after sequence of events.


Grades   6 – 8  |  Lesson Plan  |  Standard Lesson

A Directed Listening-Thinking Activity for "The Tell-Tale Heart"

What's that sound? Students participate in a Directed Listening–Thinking Activity (DLTA) using "The Tell-Tale Heart," make predictions, and respond in the form of an acrostic poem or comic strip.


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