Past Architecture Dissertation Topics

Abbas, Yasmine, web page
Chair of Design Management, Paris College of Art
… SMArchS 2001, subgrp: hi, Embodiment: Mental and Physical Geographies of the Neo-nomad (William Porter)
received a DDes from Harvard University

AbdelAzim, Mariam, web page
Researcher and Gallery Assistant, Storefront for Art and Architecture
… SMArchS 2014, subgrp: hi, Re-Urbanizing Ismailia By Implementing an Urban Infill Housing Approach (Michael Dennis)

Abed, Jamal H., web page
Dean, Faculty of Architecture and Design, AZM University, Tripoli, Lebanon; Director of Palanning & Design and Partner, Millenium Development International
… SMArchS 1988, subgrp: hi, Traditional Building Trades and Crafts in Changing Socio-economic Realities and Present Aesthetic Values: Case Studies in Syria (Ronald Lewcock)

Abu Hantash, Tawfig, web page
Associate Professor, American University of Ras al Khaimah; Principal Designer, GDAR Group For Design and Architectural Research
… SMArchS 1989, subgrp: hi, Ibn Khaldun and the City: A Study of the Physical Formation of Medieval Cairo (Stanford Anderson)

Agrawal, Vivek, web page
Senior Partner, McKinsey & Co, Japan
… SMArchS 1993, subgrp: hi, Reading Context in Design (William Porter)

Ahmed, Imran, web page
Executive Managing Director, CBRE Capital Advisors
… SMArchS 1992, subgrp: hi, The Journey from New Delhi to Islamabad: Dependence and Subversion in the Ambivalent Expression of Nationhood (Francesco Passanti)

Ahmed, K. Iftekhar
… SMArchS 1991, subgrp: hi, Up to the Waist in Mud!: the Assessment and Application of Earth-derivative Architecture in Rural Bangladesh (Ronald Lewcock)

Akbar, Jamel A., web page
… SMArchS 1981, subgrp: hi, Support for Court-Yard Houses. Riyad, Saudi Arabia (N. John Habraken)
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Akhtar, Saima, web page
Postdoctoral Associate, Yale University
… SMArchS 2007, subgrp: hi, Shangri La: Architecture as Collection (Nasser Rabbat and Caroline Jones)
received a PhD from University of California, Berkeley

Akkar, Ghita
President, Highline Development, Boston
… SMArchS 2011, subgrp: hi, A Cultural, Customizable and Prefabricated Housing Grammar for Casablanca (Terry Knight and Reinhard Goethert)

al Husseini, Dalia
… SMArchS 2007, subgrp: hi, Aqaba's Old Town: Proposed Model for Community Development within the Aqaba Special Economic Zone (Reinhard Goethert)

Al Kazzaz, Tarek
Managing Partner, AlMutawir, Kuwait
… SMArchS 1990, subgrp: ht, A Critique of the Logic of Consumption in Postmodern Architecture: The Museum as a Case Study (Stanford Anderson)

al-Harithy, Howayda, web page
Professor, American University, Beirut, Lebanon
… SMArchS 1987, subgrp: hi, Architectural Form and Meaning in Light of Al Jurjani's Literary Theories (Stanford Anderson)
received a PhD from Harvard University

Al-Masri, Wa'el M.
Chief Architect, Wael Al-Masri Planners and Architects (WMPA)
… SMArchS 1993, subgrp: hi, Architecture and the Question of Identity: Issues of Self-representation in Islamic Community Centers in America (Masood A. Khan)

Alamuddin, Hana, web page
Principal and Architect, Almimariya, Architects and Designers for Sustainable Development; Senior lecturer, American University of Beirut
… SMArchS 1987, subgrp: hi, Waterfront Developments in the Middle East Case Study: the Golden Horn Project, Istanbul, Turkey (Ronald Lewcock)

Ali al-Zaghmouri, Mohammed K.
Industrial Professor, German Jordanian University; Founder, GDAR Group For Design and Architectural Research
… SMArchS 1989, subgrp: hi, The Use of Precedents in Contemporary Arab Architecture, Case Studies: Rasem Badran and Henning Larsen (Stanford Anderson)

Alkhabbaz, Mohammed
PhD Candidate, Illinois Institute of Technology
… SMArchS 2010, subgrp: hi, Renewable Success: Development of Good Architecture in the Case of Arriyadh Development Authority, Saudi Arabia (Mark Jarzombek)

Alrabe, Muneerah, web page
… SMArchS 2016, subgrp: hi, Spatial Practice: The Politics of "Activating" Public Space in the State of Kuwait (James Wescoat)

AlSayyad, Nezar M., web page
Professor, University of California, Berkeley
… SMArchS 1981, subgrp: ht, Streets of Islamic Cairo: a configuration of urban themes and patterns (William Porter)
received a PhD from University of California, Berkeley

Amundsen, Minakshi
Asst. Vice Pres. for Facilities and Campus Planning, Colby College
… SMArchS and MCP (dual degree) 1998, subgrp: hi, The Future of the Past - -Conserving the Mellah of Rabat, Morocco (Attilio Petruccioli and John de Monchaux)

Anderson, James, web page
Programmer, Datagraph, Germany
… SMArchS 1986, subgrp: ht, The Architecture of Hans Scharoun: Practice 1933-1945 (Stanford Anderson)

Ani, Raya, web page
Lead Designer-Principal, RAW-NYC Architects
… SMArchS 1994, subgrp: hi, In the Shadow of Segregation: Women's Identity in the Modern Iraqi House (Sibel Bozdogan)

Ansari, Sadaf
Associate Director of Studies/Resident Fellow, National University of Singapore
… SMArchS 2003, subgrp: hi, Constructing and Consuming 'Heritage': Popular Perception of Humayun's Tomb (Arindam Dutta and Heghnar Watenpaugh)

Ansari, Zarminae
… SMArchS 1997, subgrp: hi, A Contemporary Architectural Quest and Synthesis: Kamil Khan
Mumtaz in Pakistan (Attilio Petruccioli )

Arida, Saeed, web page
Chief Executive Officer, NuVu
… SMArchS 2004, subgrp: hi, Contextualizing the Generative Design (Terry Knight)
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Arkaraprasertkul, Non
Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney, Australia
… SMArchS 2007, subgrp: ht, Shanghai Contemporary: The Politics of Built Form (Stanford Anderson and Yung Ho Chang)
received a PhD from Harvard University

As, Imdat
Assistant Professor, University of Hartford
… SMArchS 2002, subgrp: hi, Emergent Design: Rethinking of Contemporary Mosque Architecture in Light of Digital Technology (Takehiko Nagakura)
received a DDes from Harvard University

Asfour, Khaled
Associate Professor, School of Architecture, Misr International University, Cairo, Egypt
… SMArchS 1987, subgrp: hi, Dealing with the Incompatible! (Ronald Lewcock)
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ashraf, Kazi, web page
Professor, School of Architecture, University of Hawaii at Manoa
… SMArchS 1988, subgrp: hi, Architecture as Evocation of Place: Thoughts on An Archtectural "Beginning" in Bangladesh (William Porter)
received a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Autorino, Salvatore
Managing Director - ‎Autorino Associati
… SMArchS 1994, subgrp: hi, Memory of Islam: Culture and Politics in Sixteenth-century Religious Architecture of Mexico and Peru (Attilio Petruccioli )

Badshah, Akhtar, web page
Chief Catalyst, Catalytic Innovators Group
… SMArchS 1993, subgrp: hi, Interventions into Old Residential Quarters: the Case of Shahjahanabad (William Porter)

Bagchee, Nandini, web page
Associate Professor, City College of New York
… SMArchS 2000, subgrp: hi, Book Illumination and Archiectural Decoration: The Mausoleum of Uljaytu in Sultaniyya (Nasser Rabbat)

Basrai, Zameer, web page
Architect, TheBusride Design Studio, and Architect at Splitlabs, Mumbai, India
… SMArchS 2009, subgrp: hi, The New Citizens: A Study in Architectural Identity of Public Philanthropic Institutions Built by Two Isma`ili Communities in Contemporary Bombay (James Wescoat)

Behle Fralick, Chelsea, web page
Lecturer, University of San Diego
… SMArchS 2012, subgrp: ht, "Art is Love is God": Wallace Berman and the Transmission of 'Aleph', 1956-66 (Caroline Jones)

Bernier, Beatrice N., web page
Founder, Beatrice Bazaar Cutting Edge Jewelry, London. UK
… SMArchS 1989, subgrp: ht, Fashion, City, People (Leila Kinney)

Beshir, Tarek, web page
Managing Director, Tarek Beshir Architects, Cairo
… SMArchS 1993, subgrp: hi, Architecture Beyond Cultural Polictics: Western Practice in the Arabian Peninsula (Sibel Bozdogan)

Bhalla, Arunjot, web page
Managing Director, India, RSP Architects Planners & Engineers
… SMArchS 1994, subgrp: hi, Ordering the Land: Urban Metaphors for a Park in Cairo (William Porter)

Bilsel, Can, web page
Professor and Department Chair, Art, Architecture + Art History, University of San Diego
… SMArchS 1996, subgrp: hi, From Scientific Framing to Architectural Reconstruction: The Creation of an Ideal Image at Didyma (Stanford Anderson)
received a PhD from Princeton University

Bonnemaison, Sarah, web page
Associate Professor, Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Dalhousie University
… SMArchS 1985, subgrp: ht, Lightweight Structures in Urban Design (Stanford Anderson)
received a PhD from the University of British Columbia

Brady, Noel J.
Creative Director, NJBA A+U; Lecturer, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland
… SMArchS 1989, subgrp: ht, Towards the Poetic (Imre Halasz)

Bressani, Martin, web page
Professor and Director, School of Architecture, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec
… SMArchS 1985, subgrp: ht, Rationalism and the Organic Analogy in Fin-de-Siècle Paris: Auguste Perret and the Building at 25bis, rue Franklin (Stanford Anderson)
received a PhD from the University Paris Sorbonne-- Paris IV

Buelow, Deborah
Principal, CEDAR Architects, Washington, DC
… SMArchS 2010, subgrp: hd, Peripheral Memory: New York's Forgotten Landscape (Mark Jarzombek)

Cahn, Elizabeth
Program Coordinator, Cancer Connection
… SMArchS 1986, subgrp: ht, The Lawn and the Forest: Architectural Landscape in the Work of Thomas Jefferson and Frank Lloyd Wright (Stanford Anderson)
received a PhD from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Cakmakli, Oruc
… SMArchS 1983, subgrp: hi, Transformation of Traditional Design Concepts into Contemporary Architecture (Eric Dluhosch)

Camerlenghi, Nicola (Nick), web page
Assistant Professor, Dartmouth College
… SMArchS 2000, subgrp: ht, Michaelangelo's "Libreria Secreta" (David Friedman)
received a PhD from Princeton University

Capdevila Werning, Remei
Director of Education & Public Programs, El Museo del Barrio, New York City
… SMArchS 2007, subgrp: ht, Construing Reconstruction: The Barcelona Pavilion and Nelson Goodman's Aesthetic Philosophy (Erika Naginski)
received a PhD from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

Chernyakova, Irina, web page
Director of Publications and Exhibitions, MIT Department of Architecture
… SMArchS 2013, subgrp: ht, Systems of valuation (Arindam Dutta and Mark Jarzombek)

Chowdhury, Asiya
… SMArchS 1993, subgrp: hi, The Persistent Metaphor: Gender in the Representations of the Cairene House by Edward W. Lane and Hassan Fathy (Sibel Bozdogan)

Chung, Yueh-Minne
Architect, Y Min Chung, Pinole, CA
… SMArchS 1989, subgrp: ht, Columns and Walls: The Interplay between Structure and Space (Stanford Anderson)

Chuong, Jennifer, web page
Research Fellow, Smithsonian American Art Museum
… SMArchS 2012, subgrp: ht, "Art is a Hardy Plant": Benjamin Henry Latrobe and the Cultivation of a Transitional Aesthetics (Arindam Dutta and Mark Jarzombek)
received a MA from Harvard University

Cipriani, Barbara
Project Manager II, AECOM Tishman
… SMArchS 2005, subgrp: hi, Development of Construction Techniques in the Mamluk Domes of Cairo (Nasser Rabbat)

Corm, Tamara H.
Director, Pace Gallery London
… SMArchS 2000, subgrp: hi, "La Revelation m'est venue de L'Orient" Henri Matisse, 1947 (Nasser Rabbat)

Dackiw, Walter
Real Estate Developer - Czech Republic
… SMArchS 1985, subgrp: ht, Just Spaces, Just Places: towards a theory of Justice for human action in time and space (Edward Robbins)

Datey, Aparna
… SMArchS 1996, subgrp: hi, Cultural Production and Identity in Colonial and Post-Colonial Madras, India (Sibel Bozdogan)

Dawood, Azra, web page
PhD Candidate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
… SMArchS 2010, subgrp: hi, Failure to Engage: The Breasted-Rockefeller Gift of a New Egyptian Museum and Research Institute at Cairo (1926) (Nasser Rabbat)

De Costa, Alfred
… SMArchS 1989, subgrp: hi, A Reinterpretation of 'Sense of Place': A Study of the Stone Town Zanzibar (Ronald Lewcock)

de Silva, Nushelle, web page
PhD Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
… SMArchS 2015, subgrp: ht, Assembling Smallness: The American Small Industries Exhibition, Ceylon 1961 (Arindam Dutta)

DeBartolo, III, Jack
DeBartolo Architects, Phoenix, AZ
… SMArchS 1994, subgrp: ht, The Perception of Illumination: The Phenomenological Dimension of Natural Light in the Making of the Urban Sanctuary (Stanford Anderson)

Demerdash, Nancy, web page
Visiting Assistant Professor, Wells College, Aurora, NY
… SMArchS 2009, subgrp: hi, Mapping Myths of the Medina: Orientalist Visions, French Colonial Urbanism, and the Politics of Heritage in Marrakesh (Nasser Rabbat)
received a PhD from Princeton University

Demirtas, Aslihan
Principal, Aslihan Demirtas Design & Research
… SMArchS 2000, subgrp: hi, Artificial Nature: Water Infrastructure and its Experience as Natural Space (William Porter and Sibel Bozdoğan)

Deser, Abigail, web page
Director & Designer, Los Angeles Philharmonic Association
… SMArchS 1991, subgrp: ht, Defining the Public: Three Moments of Audience Address in 20th Century Artistic Production (Benjamin Buchloh)

Diaz-Borioli, Leonardo, web page
Architect; Creative Director, Estudio 3.14, Guadalajara, México
… SMArchS 2003, subgrp: ht, Tilting the Mirror: Packaging Spanish Architecture in Late Nineteenth Century California (Arindam Dutta)

Dietz, Thomas M
Architect, BGD&C Corp. Chicago, IL
… SMArchS 2005, subgrp: ht, The Road from Pope to King: Il Corso Vittorio Emanuele II (David Friedman)

El Hayek, Chantal, web page
PhD Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
… SMArchS 2015, subgrp: hi, The Last Levantine City: Beirut, 1830-1930 (Nasser Rabbat)

el-Khoury, Rodolphe, web page
Dean of the University of Miami School of Architecture; Partner, Khoury Levit Fong (KLF)
… SMArchS 1989, subgrp: ht, The Architecture of Montage: A Critical Inquiry into the Work of Machado/Silvetti (Francesco Passanti)
received a PhD from Princeton University

ElKatsha, Markus
… SMArchS and MCP (dual degree) 2000, subgrp: hi, The Evolution of Al Azhar Street, Al-Qahira, Egypt (John de Monchaux)

Elshahed, Mohamed, web page
Project Curator, The British Museum
… SMArchS 2007, subgrp: hi, Facades of Modernity: Image, Performance and Transformation in the Egyptian Metropolis (Nasser Rabbat)
received a PhD from New York University

Emami, Farshid
PhD Candidate, Harvard University
… SMArchS 2011, subgrp: hi, Civic Visions, National Politics, and International Designs: Three Proposals for a New Urban Center in Tehran (1966 - 1976) (James Wescoat)

Erten, Erdem
Associate Professor, Izmir Institute of Technology
… SMArchS 1998, subgrp: ht, Questioning Horatios Grenough's Thoughts on Architecture (Mark Jarzombek)
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Eskandari, Maryam
Principal Designer, MIIM Designs
… SMArchS 2011, subgrp: hi, Women Places and Spaces in Contemporary American Mosque (Nasser Rabbat)

Etemad Yousefi, Arash
The Ventin Group Architects, Toronto, Canada
… SMArchS 2005, subgrp: hi, Medieval Islamic and Gothic Architectural Drawings: Masons, Craftsmen and Architects (David Friedman)

Evans, J. Chris
… SMArchS 1992, subgrp: ht, Imminence and Immanence: Embodied Meaning in Architectural Experience (Francesco Passanti)

Feng, Zisong
… SMArchS 1994, subgrp: hi, Conceptual Urbanism: Towards a Method of Urban Form and Urban Design (William Porter)

Fenske, Gail, web page
Professor of Architecture, Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI
… SMArchS 1982, subgrp: ht, The Tower: a Study in Change of Meaning (Stanford Anderson)
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Fischer, Rio, web page
… SMArchS 2017, subgrp: hi, Aesthetics of the Qur'anic Epigraphy on the Taj Mahal ()

Francisco, Scott, web page
Architect; Director, Pilot Projects Design Collective, New York, NY
… SMArchS 2005, subgrp: hd, Useable Space (Mark Jarzombek)

Friedman, Nathan, web page
Director, Departamento del Distrito, Mexico City
… SMArchS 2015, subgrp: ht, Hypothetical Geography: Constituting Limits on a New American Frontier (Ana Miljacki)

Furguiele, Antonio, web page
Associate Professor, Wentworth Institute of Technology
… SMArchS 2013, subgrp: ht, Architecture of the Cloud, Virtualization Takes Command:Llearning from black boxes, data centers and an architecture of the conditioned environment (Mark Jarzombek)

Ge, Wenjun
Architect, Boston, MA
… SMArchS 2008, subgrp: hd, Social Congestion in Shanghai: A Urban Housing Designed on Its Sections (Stanford Anderson and Yung Ho Chang)

González, Robert, web page
Assistant Professor of Architecture, Tulane University
… SMArchS 1993, subgrp: ht, Sunset Magazine: In Search of a House for Western Living (Royston Landau)
received a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley

Greeley, Robin, web page
Associate Professor, Department of Art History, University of Connecticut
… SMArchS 1988, subgrp: ht, Image, Text and the Female Body: Rene Magritte and the Surrealist Publication (Anne Wagner)
received a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley

Grigor, Talinn, web page
Professor of Art History, University of California, Davis
… SMArchS 1998, subgrp: hi, Construction of History: Mohammad-Reza Shah Revivalism, Nationalism, and Monumental Architecture of Tehran, 1951-1979 (Nasser Rabbat)
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Gul, Marium
Intermediate Designer, Forrec, Ltd
… SMArchS 2011, subgrp: hi, Mitigating Floods: Reconstructing Lives: Rehabilitating Thatta (James Wescoat)

Gulyani, Sumila
Global Lead for Urban Development Strategy and Analytics, World Bank
… SMArchS and MCP (dual degree) 1992, subgrp: hi, Rethinking Resettlement--Employment, Negotiation and Land in Singrauli, India (Lisa Peattie)
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Hadimioglu, Cagla J.
… SMArchS 2002, subgrp: hi, Proscribed Scenes from a Monument (Nasser Rabbat)

Haider, Deeba
… SMArchS 1999, subgrp: hi, The Growing Pains of Global Cities - Struggles in the Urban Environment of Dubai and Singapore (Nasser Rabbat)
received a Consultant

Haller Hudson, Margaret
Service Design Lead, Fjord Design
… SMArchS 2012, subgrp: ht, Delimiting The Grid: Naturalized Technology as Bodily Salvation in Domebooks 1-3 (Mark Jarzombek)

Haq, Saif, web page
Professor and Associate Dean for Research, Texas Tech University
… SMArchS 1992, subgrp: hi, Meaning in Architecture: an Investigation of the Indigenous Environment in Bangladesh (Ronald Lewcock)
received a PhD from Georgia Institute of Technology

Hassan, S. Faisal
… SMArchS 1995, subgrp: ht, Pan - Orao and Historical Necessity: Adjusted Frames and Optical Settlement (William Mitchell)

Hays, K. Michael, web page
Associate Dean for Academics and Eliot Noyes Professor of Architectural Theory, Harvard University
… MArchAS 1979, subgrp: ht, Reference, Coherence, Meaning: A Realist Epistemology of Art (Henry Millon)
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Heinemann, Svea M.
TU Berlin
… SMArchS 2005, subgrp: ht, A Culture of Appropriation: Strategies of Temporary Reuse in East Germany (Mark Jarzombek)

Hirji, Fatima
Associate Designer, ‎Denver Design Build LLC
… SMArchS 1995, subgrp: hi, Building New Thoughts: The Aga Khan Award for Architecture (Nasser Rabbat)

Holmes, Jeffrey
Architect, Riverside, CA
… SMArchS 1994, subgrp: ht, Vsevolod Meyerhold: Modernism, Mass Culture and the Russian Avant Garde Stage (Benjamin Buchloh)

Hubbard, Bill
Retired Architect, Boston, MA
… MArchAS 1976, subgrp: ht, "A System of Formal Analysis for Architectural Composition" (Stanford Anderson)

Ikert, Amanda
Head of Adaptation and Water, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group
… SMArchS and MCP (dual degree) 2005, subgrp: hi, Negotiating Community amongst Spatial and Identity Boundaries: The Case of "Unity in Diversity" in the Transmigration Settlement of Mopugad, Indonesia (John de Monchaux and Robert Cowherd)

Ikonomidis-Doumbas, Agis, web page
Architect, Oikonomidis Architects, Athens
… SMArchS 1990, subgrp: ht, Adaptive Reuse and the Museum: Installing a Museum in a Preexisting Shell (Francesco Passanti)

Ismail, Tanya, web page
… SMArchS 2016, subgrp: hi, Passive Architecture Tool for Exploratory Design: Case of Qatar (James Wescoat)

Jacobson, Samuel, web page
Designer-Editor, HAHA Design, Los Angeles, CA
… SMArchS 2013, subgrp: ht, Notes on Sexuality & Space (Mark Jarzombek)

Jalia, Aftab, web page
PhD Candidate, Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge, UK
… SMArchS 2008, subgrp: hi, Refiguring the Sketch: The Nari Gandhi Cartographic (Stanford Anderson and Rahul Mehrotra)
received a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley

James, Allison, web page
Producer in Residence, Art, Culture and Technology Program, MIT
… SMArchS 2015, subgrp: hi, The Architecture of Procession: Political and Spiritual Pathways between the Qutb Shahi Necropolis and Golconda Fortress (Nasser Rabbat)

Jarrar, Sabri
… SMArchS 1990, subgrp: hi, A Memory Syndrome: Selfhood and Otherness at the Wailing Wall (David Friedman)

Johnson, Adam Fulton, web page
PhD Candidate, University of Michigan
… SMArchS 2011, subgrp: ht, American Archaeology and the Conceptualization of Preservation: Edgar Lee Hewett and the Crafting of the 1906 Antiquities Act (Mark Jarzombek)

Kallipoliti, Lydia, web page
Assistant Professor, Rensselaer Institute of Technology
… SMArchS 2004, subgrp: hd, Dross: Re-genesis of diverse matter-a design post-praxis (Mark Goulthorpe and Ann Pendleton-Julian)
received a PhD from Princeton University

Kanekar, Aarati
Associate Professor, University of Cincinnati
… SMArchS 1992, subgrp: hi, Celebration of Place: Processional Rituals and Urban Form (Julian Beinart)
received a PhD from the Georgia Institute of Technology

Kanipak, Ömer, web page
Photographer, Yercekim Architectural Photography
… SMArchS 1998, subgrp: ht, Modernism and Dwelling: Residential Architecture in Early Republican Turkey (Sibel Bozdogan)

Katsavounidou, Garyfallia (Fyllio)
Architect, City of Veria, Greece
… SMArchS 1998, subgrp: ht, Invisible Parentheses: Mapping (out) the City and Its Histories (Mark Jarzombek)
received a PhD from the Department of Architecture at the University of Thessaly

Katz, Sarah, web page
Project Leader, University of Pennsylvania
… SMArchS 2012, subgrp: ht, Bonsai Imperium: Plant Capitalism in the U.S. and Japan, 1853-1924 (Caroline Jones)

Keyvanian, Carla L., web page
Associate Professor, Auburn University
… SMArchS 1992, subgrp: ht, Manfredo Tafuri's Notion of History and its Methodological Sources: From Walter Benjamin to Roland Barthes (Benjamin Buchloh)
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Khan, Masood A.
Principal, Masood A. Khan Architecture Planning and Conservation, Massachusetts; Senior Architect and Planner, Aga Khan Trust for Culture
… SMArchS 1983, subgrp: hi, 'Informal' Architecture: An Examination of Some Adaptive Processes in Architectural Tradition (Stanford Anderson)

Khan, Sikander I.
Managing Partner, Mimar Consultants
… SMArchS 1988, subgrp: hi, In Search of A Direction in the Contemporary Architecture of Arabia (Ronald Lewcock)

Khodr, Ali, web page
Adjunct Faculty, Boston Architectural College
… SMArchS 2017, subgrp: hi, Planning a Sectarian Topography: Revisiting Michael Ecohard's Master Plans for Beirut 1941-1964 ()

Khorakiwala, Ateya Asgar, web page
2017-18 Council on the Humanities / Princeton-Mellon Fellow
… SMArchS 2009, subgrp: ht, The State of Roads: Public Works as Research, India circa 1960 (Arindam Dutta)
received a PhD from Harvard University

Kivlan, Anna K, web page
Research Associate, Duke University
… SMArchS 2007, subgrp: ht, An Eye for Vulgarity: How MoMA Saw Color through Wild Bill's Lens (Erika Naginski)
received a PhD from Duke University

Kokkoris, Panos
… MArchAS 1980, subgrp: ht, Taste. A Commentary on its Genesis, Nature and Claims (Stanford Anderson)

Kondur, Sunitha, web page
Partner, Hundredhands, Bangalore
… SMArchS 2000, subgrp: hi, Rediscovering "Place": Enhancing the Built Heritage of Singapore (John de Monchaux and Hasan-Uddin Khan)

Kösebay Erkan, Yonca, web page
Associate Professor, Kadir Has University
… SMArchS 1998, subgrp: hi, An Interpretive Analysis of Matrakci Nashu's Beyan-i Menazil: Translating Text into Image (Nasser Rabbat)
received a PhD from Istanbul Technical University

Kotab, Basel
Practice Leader, HOK, Dubai
… SMArchS 1991, subgrp: hi, Spatial Layering: An Effect of Cubist Concepts on 20th Century Architecture (Ronald Lewcock)

Kotob, Jenine, web page
Architectural Designer, Quinn Evans Architects
… SMArchS 2013, subgrp: hi, Redefining Learning Environments in Conflict Areas: A Palestinian Case Study (James Wescoat)

LaGuette, Victoria
… SM 1998, subgrp: hd, A Guide to Source Materials of the Life and Work of Lawrence B. Anderson '30 (Mark Jarzombek)

Lai, Constance C
Manager of Historic Preservation Services, Grunley Construction, Rockville, MD
… SMArchS 1999, subgrp: ht, Charles Eames and Communication: from Education to Computers (Mark Jarzombek)

Lee, Tonghoon, web page
Associate Professor, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea
… SMArchS 2002, subgrp: ht, Architecture and Tactility: Peter Zumthor's Thermal Baths in Vals and the Hybridization of the Two Motifs of Tactility--Materiality and Movement (Mark Jarzombek)

Leiter, Jeffrey
Principal, Slumbrew Beer, Somerville, Ma
… SMArchS 1997, subgrp: ht, Erich Mendelsohn: constructing an image of modernity between Expressionism and the 1920's avant-garde (Mark Jarzombek)

Lettow, Ash, web page
Adjunct Professor, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
… SMArchS 2010, subgrp: ht, The Prospect (Mark Jarzombek)

Levashov, Georgiy
Freelance Programmer & Developer
… SMArchS 1998, subgrp: hi, Computer Analyses of the Historical Development of Bukhara City from 5th c. B.C. to the 19th c. A.D (Attilio Petruccioli )

Lewis, Hilary, web page
Senior Editor, Tropic Magazine
… SMArchS 1988, subgrp: ht, The Rhode Island State House: The Competition (1890-1892) (Stanford Anderson)

Liss, Alyson
Project Manager, Dineen Architecture + Design
… SMArchS 2006, subgrp: ht, The Rhetoric of Architecture and the Language of Pleasure: The Maison de Plaisance in Eighteenth Century France (Erika Naginski)

Liuni, Francesca, web page
Independent Exhibition Designer
… SMArchS 2016, subgrp: hi, Experiencing Mathematical Proves: Syntax of an Astrolabe (Azra Aksamija and George Stiny)

Lo, Melissa
Assistant Curator, The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
… SMArchS 2008, subgrp: ht, Ideal Pathologies: Jean-Marc Bourgery's Traité complet de l'anatomie de l'homme (1831-1854) (David Friedman)
received a PhD in History of Science from Harvard University

Losonczy, Serena
Project Leader, University of Pennsylvania
… SMArchS 1992, subgrp: hi, The Form and Use of Public Space in a Changing Urban Context (Michael Dennis)

Low, Kevin, web page
Director, Small Projects, Kuala Lampur, and Adjunct Professor, University of Queensland
… SMArchS 1991, subgrp: hi, The Dislocated Mind: in the Heart of Reverie (Ronald Lewcock)

Lui, Ann Lok, web page
Assistant Professor, School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Principal, Future Firm
… SMArchS 2015, subgrp: ht, Extra-Architectural SOM and the Bureaucratic Avante-Garde (Arindam Dutta)

Mahmood , Saman
Director, ICON Atelier, Inc
… SMArchS 1999, subgrp: hi, "Shelter Within My Reach": Medium-Rise Apartment Housing for the Middle-Income
Group in Karachi, Pakistan. (Reinhard Goethert)

Malik, Hala Bashir, web page
Architect and Principal, Resttling the Indus, Pakistan
… SMArchS 2014, subgrp: hi, Enabling and Inhibiting Urban Development: a Case Study of Lahore Improvement Trust as a Late Colonial Institution (James Wescoat)

Martin, Louis, web page
Professor, University of Quebec at Montreal
… SMArchS 1988, subgrp: ht, Architectural Theory after 1968: Analysis of the Works of Rem Koolhaas and Bernard Tschumi (Francesco Passanti)
received a PhD from Princeton University

Mathews, Jonathan
Director, Change Management Associates Ltd
… MArchAS 1978, subgrp: ht, The Implications of Theories of Knowledge and Meanings for Theories of Architecture (Stanford Anderson)
received a MBA from the London Business School

Mazarakis, Valeria
Architect and Independent scholar
… SMArchS 1989, subgrp: ht, Residences Secondaires: How Eisenman Houses Fictive Structures of History (Stanford Anderson)
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

McMahon, Catherine F.
Design Strategist, CONTIUUM, Shanghai, China
… SMArchS 2009, subgrp: ht, Between Nature and Artifice: The Landscape Architecture Research Office (1966-1979) (Arindam Dutta)

Mejel Al-Gaood, Jalal B., web page
Chairman, IWAN Architecture and Design
… SMArchS 1990, subgrp: hi, "Falling Upon Deaf Ears:" The Case of Colloquial Architecture (David Friedman)

Metallinou, Vivianna
Director, Thessaloniki Network of Movements; Director, CULTURE PROJECTS, Thessaloniki
… SMArchS 1984, subgrp: ht, Regionalism and Greek Architecture: The Architecture of Dimitris and Susanna Antonakakis (Stanford Anderson)

Miller, Carl Ray, web page
Associate Professor, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
… SMArchS 1999, subgrp: ht, The Problem with Harmony: Architectural Constructs of Proportionality, Music and the Modulor in the 1950's (Mark Jarzombek)

Minosh, Peter
Visiting Assistant Professor, Oberlin College
… SMArchS 2007, subgrp: ht, Moderate Utopias: The Reconstruction of Urban Spaces and Modernist Principles in Postwar Feance (Arindam Dutta)

Moore, Nikki, web page
PhD Candidate, Rice University
… SMArchS 2005, subgrp: hd, Between Work: Michel Foucault, Louis Althusser and Jacques Martin (William Porter)

Morshed, Adnan Z., web page
Associate Professor, The Catholic University of America
… SMArchS 1995, subgrp: hi, Dialectics of Vision: The Voyages of Louis I. Kahn 1950-59 (Stanford Anderson)
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mosier, Lisa, web page
PhD candidate, Tulane University
… SMArchS 2005, subgrp: hi, The Morisco House in Granada: Cultural Transition and Domestic Space (Nasser Rabbat)

Moustafa, Amer A., web page
Associate Professor, American University of Sharjah, UAE
… SMArchS 1988, subgrp: hi, Architectural Representation and Meaning: Towards a Theory of Interpretation (Ronald Lewcock)
received a PhD from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Murphy, Caroline, web page
PhD Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
… SMArchS 2016, subgrp: ht, Indexing Origins in the "Monasticon Anglicanum" (1655) (Lauren Jacobi)

Nabil, Yasser
Diretor, MAF Properties
… SMArchS 1994, subgrp: hi, Reconciliations and Continued Polarities in the Works and Theories of Halim and Bakri (William Porter)

Nagaya, Toshiaki
… SMArchS 1988, subgrp: ht, Sei'ichi-Shirai and the Subjective Method of Synthesis (David Friedman)

Nanda, Puja
… SMArchS 1999, subgrp: hi, The Culture of Building to Craft--a Regional Contemporary Aesthetic: Material Resources, Technological Innovations and the Form Making Process (Ann M. Pendleton-Jullian)

Nardella, Bianca Maria, web page
PhD Candidate, The Bartlett, University College London
… SMArchS 2001, subgrp: hi, Cultural interfaces: (in)visible spaces in the Old City of Jerusalem (Hasan-Uddin Khan)

Nasri, Muhammad
Director of the Faculty of Architecture & Design, Al-Manar University of Tripoli
… SMArchS 1989, subgrp: hi, Research Programs on Geometry and Ornament: A Case Study of Islamicist Scholarship (Stanford Anderson)

Nicholaeff, Doreve, web page
Architect, Nicholeff Architecture + Design, Osterville, MA
… MArchAS 1979, subgrp: ht, The Planning and Development of Copley Square (David Friedman)

Nissen, Anne
Administrator, Rockland 21st Century Collaborative for Children and Youth
… SMArchS 1988, subgrp: ht, From the Cheney House to Taliesin: Frank Lloyd Wright and Feminist Mamah Borthwick (David Friedman)

Nitzan-Shiftan, Alona
Associate Professor, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
… SMArchS 1993, subgrp: ht, Erich Mendelsohn: From Berlin to Jerusalem (Royston Landau)
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Oza, Nilay
Principal, Oza Sabbeth Architects
… SMArchS 2000, subgrp: hi, Puja Pandals: Rethinking an Urban Bamboo Structure (John Fernandez)

Palleroni, Sergio, web page
Professor, Portland State University
… SMArchS 2006, subgrp: ht, The Valle del Yaqui Housing Project: Building the Capacity of Yaqui Women to Help Themselves (Mark Jarzombek)

Pedret, Annie, web page
Associate Professor, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
… SMArchS 1993, subgrp: ht, Within the Text of Kahn (Stanford Anderson)
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Pieris, Anoma, web page
Associate Professor, University of Melbourne
… SMArchS 1993, subgrp: hi, Tall Buildings in Asia: A Critique on the High-Rise Building in Colombo, Shri Lanka (MA) TheTrouser under the Cloth: Ceylon/Sri Lanka, personal space in decolonization(SM) (Maurice K. Smith)
received a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley

Prakash, Mamta, web page
Consultant, Finanical Management Associates, NYC
… SMArchS 1999, subgrp: hi, Old market, new ideas: revitalization of Aminabad, Lucknow (Julian Beinart)

Pyla, Panayiota, web page
Associate Professor, University of Cyprus
… SMArchS 1994, subgrp: hi, Revisiting Scientific Epistemology in Architecture: 'Ekistics' and Modernism in the Middle East (Sibel Bozdogan)
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Quadri, Mahjabeen
… SMArchS 2003, subgrp: hi, Beyond the Traditional: a new paradigm for Pakistan Schools (Reinhard K. Goethert)

Rabie, Omar
Lecturer, Auroville, Earth Institute, and Principal, Unitary Design Studio
… SMArchS 2008, subgrp: hi, Revealing the Potential of Compressed Earth Blocks: A Visual Narration (John de Monchaux and John Fernandez)
received a Master of Science from the Architectural Association School of Architecture

Rahmlow, Rebecca S
Architect, Maryann Thompson Architects
… SMArchS 2008, subgrp: ht, "Indigenous" | "Vernacular" Negotiating an American History for Modernism Through the Lens of the Architectural Exhibition (Caroline Jones)

Raia, Joseph
Principal, Raia Partnership
… SMArchS 1996, subgrp: hi, Essaouira, Morocco: Redevelopment through the Introduction of a University (Attilio Petruccioli)

Ramachandran, Bijoy, web page
Partner, Hundredhands, Bangalore
… SMArchS 1998, subgrp: ht, In the Service of the Sacred: Development for Conservation (Attilio Petruccioli and Julian Beinart)

Raman, Prassanna, web page
… SMArchS 2012, subgrp: hi, Exploring Urban Resilience: Violence and Urban Services in Karachi (James Wescoat)

Ramirez Jasso, Diana, web page
Provost, Boston Architectural College
… SMArchS 2002, subgrp: ht, The Aesthetics of Concealment: Weegee in the Movie Theater (1943-1950) (Mark Jarzombek)
received a PhD from Harvard University

Rashid, Mahbub
… SMArchS 1993, subgrp: hi, City Form and Changing Process: The Case of the North End, Boston, 1860-1930 (William Porter)

Raynaud, Pierre
P Raynaud Architecte, Tounus, France
… MArchAS 1980, subgrp: ht, The Role of Design in City Form: Organic and Planned Towns (David Friedman)

Rewal, Arun
… SMArchS and MCP (dual degree) 1992, subgrp: hi, Continuity and Settlement Structure--a Study of Tradiational and Colonial Spatial Patterns in Benares, India (Julian Beinart)

Rudorf, Wolfgang, web page
Assistant Professor, Rhode Island School of Design
… SMArchS 1984, subgrp: ht, The Housing Division of the Public Works Administration in Its Architectural Context (Stanford Anderson)

Rutkouskaya, Hanna, web page
with Douglas C. Wright Architects
… SMArchS 2013, subgrp: hi, Redefining Historical Bukhara: Professional Architectural Vision of the National Heritage in late Soviet Uzbekistan (1965 - 1991) (James Wescoat)

Saad, Philippe
Senior Associate, DiMella Shaffer, Boston
… SMArchS 2005, subgrp: hi, Writings for Acquisition, Alexandria, Egyp (Nasser Rabbat)

Sabouni, Farrah, web page
Director of Planning, AUTOARCH Architects
… SMArchS and MCP (dual degree) 2014, subgrp: hi, Introverted Architecture and the Human Dimension: The Conflict of Placemaking in the Disconnected Urban Fabric of Doha, Qatar (Brent Ryan and Nasser Rabbat)

Sakr, Yasir, web page
Assistant Professor, American University of Madaba, Jordan
… SMArchS 1987, subgrp: hi, The Mosque between Modernity and Tradition: A Study of Recent Design of Mosques in the Muslim World (Stanford Anderson)
received a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania

Sarnitz, August, web page
University Professor, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria
… SM 1982, subgrp: ht, Rudolph M. Schindler: Theory and Design (Stanford Anderson)

Sartawi, Mais
Architect, Nikken Sekkei Ltd in Dubai
… SMArchS 2010, subgrp: hi, The Lure of the West: Analyzing the Domination of Western Firms in the Gulf Region (Nasser Rabbat)

Scensor, Sean E.
Deputy Managing Principal, Safdie Architects, Somerville, MA
… SMArchS 1995, subgrp: ht, Irving Gill and the Concrete House in California Early Modern Architecture: The Chauncey Dwight Clarke House (Ákos Moravánszky)

Schmidt, Laura Lee, web page
PhD Student, Harvard University
… SMArchS 2010, subgrp: hi, Islamic Automata in the Absence of Wonder (Nasser Rabbat)

Sengupta, Ranabir
Senior Associate, Urbahn Architects, New York, NY
… SMArchS 1986, subgrp: hi, Perception of Old Towns, Historicism, and Temporality (Sandra Howell)

Sergie Attar, Lina, web page
CEO, Karam Foundation, Chicago, IL
… SMArchS 2003, subgrp: hi, Recollecting History: Songs, Flags, and A Syrian Square (Heghnar Watenpaugh)

Shaikley, Layla Karim
Business Development Manager, Wise Systems
… SMArchS 2013, subgrp: hi, Iraq's Housing Crisis: Upgrading Settlements for IDPS (Internally Displaced Persons) (James Wescoat)

Shetty, Rajmohan
Principal Architect, Rajmohan Shetty and Associates, Bangalore
… SMArchS 1984, subgrp: hi, The Impact of Kinship Systems in the Generation of House Types (Stanford Anderson)

Silberberg, Ross Allen
… SMArchS 1990, subgrp: ht, The Architectural Design Studio as a Method of Inquiry: A Pedagogical Model of the Development of Architectural Knowledge (Francesco Passanti)

Singh, Rupinder
… SMArchS 1997, subgrp: ht, Piranesi's Campo Marzio plan: the palimpsest of interpretive memory (Julian Beinart)

Sobti, Manu, web page
Senior Lecturer, The University of Queensland, Australia
… SMArchS 1995, subgrp: hi, Timurid Central Asia and Mughal India: Some Correlations Regarding Urban Design Concepts and the Typology of the Muslim House (Attilio Petruccioli)
received a PhD from Georgia Institute of Technology

Srirojanapinyo, Apichart, web page
Design Director, Stu/D/O Architects, Bangkok, Thailand
… SMArchS 2009, subgrp: hd, Open to the public!: a new network of communal recreation waterfront space in Bangkok (Stanford Anderson)

Srivastava, Manish
… SMArchS and MSRED (dual degree) 1997, subgrp: hi, Architecture and Development as Instruments for Political Control and Marginalization in Lucknow, India (William Porter and Lawrence J. Vale)

Sutton, Summer, web page
PhD Student, Yale University
… SMArchS 2012, subgrp: hi, Implications of "Neo-Orientalist" Conservation in Fez, Morocco: Need for an Innovative Non-Profit Alternative (James Wescoat)

Takenaka, Akiko, web page
Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky
… SMArchS 1997, subgrp: ht, The Construction of War-Time National Identity: Japanese Pavilion at New York World's Fair 1939/40 (Mark Jarzombek)
received a PhD from Yale University

Talwar, Pratap
… SMArchS and MCP (dual degree) 1993, subgrp: hi, Incremental Development Schemes: An Evaluation of Evolving Land Tenure Options in Khuda ki Basti, Hyderabad (Omar Razzaz)

Taylor, Rives, web page
Regional Sustainability Leader, Principal, Genslar
… SMArchS 1988, subgrp: ht, The American College and its Architecture: An Institutional Imperative (David Friedman)

Testa, Peter, web page
Faculty, Southern California Institute of Architecture; Design Principal, Testa & Weiser
… SMArchS 1984, subgrp: ht, The Architecture of Alvaro Siza (Stanford Anderson)

Touloumi, Olga, web page
Assistant Professor, Bard College
… SMArchS 2006, subgrp: ht, The prison of Regina Coeli: a laboratory of identity in the Post-Risorgimento Italy (Mark Jarzombek)
received a PhD from Harvard University

Tsuneishi, Norihiko
Visiting Assistant Professor, Pratt Institute, New York
… SMArchS 2010, subgrp: ht, The Work of Vitalism: Murano Togo (Stanford Anderson and Mark Jarzombek)

Tuck, Michelle, web page
Tuck & Tuck Associates, Bolton, Mass.
… SMArchS 2000, subgrp: ht, The Moment of William Ralph Emerson's Art Club in Boston's Art Culture (Michael Leja)

Turker, Deniz
PhD Candidate, Harvard University
… SMArchS 2007, subgrp: hi, The Oriental Flaneur: Khalil Bey and the Cosmopolitan Experience (Nasser Rabbat)

Verbeeck, Kenny
Engineer Team Leader and Partner, Ney & Partners
… SMArchS 2006, subgrp: ht, Randomness as a Generative Principle in Art and Architecture (George N. Stiny)

Villere, Mariel, web page
Manager for Programs, Art and Grants, Freshkills Park at NYC Department of Parks & Recreation
… SMArchS 2013, subgrp: ht, Life Behind Ruins: Constructing Documenta (Mark Jarzombek)

Vincent Dagher, Lieza H.
Director, Plymouth Farmers Market, Plymouth, MA
… SMArchS and MCP (dual degree) 2004, subgrp: hi, When Home Becomes World Heritage: The Case of Aleppo, Syria (Heghnar Watenpaugh)

Wang, Chuan
… SMArchS 1992, subgrp: hi, The Transformation and Continuity of the Traditional Dwelling in Suzhou, China (Ronald Lewcock)

Weld, Linda
Adjunct Faculty, Wentworth Institute of Technology
… SMArchS 2008, subgrp: ht, Silent Partners and Missing Links: History, Architecture and the Challenge of the Ellis Island Immigration Museum (Mark Jarzombek)

Williamson, Emily, web page
PhD Student, Boston University
… SMArchS 2014, subgrp: hi, Understanding the Zongo: Processes of Socio-Spatial Marginalization in Ghana (James Wescoat)

Wong, Winnie Won Yin, web page
Assistant Professor, University of California, Berkeley
… SMArchS 2002, subgrp: ht, The Industry of Aesthetic Realism: Product Placement in the Hollywood Film (David Friedman)
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This series contains theses written by graduate students in the Department of Architecture.


Theses/Dissertations from 2017


Exploring the complex development of a mobile research lab for the design of built environments, Evan Michael Jeanblanc


Architecture of care in the urban public space: A philosophical inquiry in ‘Ethics of care’ to inform the nature of the urban public space, Rucha Vivek Newalkar


Rural revitalization throughout the midwest: Preserving our past to create a sustainable future, Mackenzie Rebekka Waddell

Theses/Dissertations from 2016


Boundaries and political agency of Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, Zeinab Amiri


Place-bo-burbi-agri-culture to Place-ive-ianure Methods for place making: Increasing value with representation, Clark Andrew Colby


The pursuit of happiness: the shifting narrative of suburbia and the American Dream, Kristen Ann Greteman


Financial Incentives and the Adaptive Reuse of Historic Interiors: Three Case Studies from Iowa, Chunyao Liu

Theses/Dissertations from 2015


Architecture and place: a critical look at how they interact and influence each other through definition, creation, and representation, Elizabeth Kief


Expanding the role of design: developing holistic food systems, Jasmine Singh


IGATY: an archetype-based interactive generative abstraction system focusing on museum interior archetypes, Joori Suh

Theses/Dissertations from 2013


Expanding architectural practice to advance social justice: Social architecture creates equitable shelter, Hannah Rosenthal

Theses/Dissertations from 2011


Zoning and designing for affordability using modular housing, Joseph Terry Cartwright


Traditional building materials and the sustainability of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribal College design, Riley Christopher-gallagher


Sustainability Strategy for Wudalianchi, China, Jingfen Guo


Becoming Peggy, Kristina Emily Hauri


Developing strategies for sustainable residential building design: Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Nepal, Gaurav Kumar Tuladhar


The reduction of waste and promotion of user autonomy in architecture through the design and application of adaptable systems, Brian Burnell Walker

Theses/Dissertations from 2010


An examination of information needed when purchasing a home in a historic district, Betsey Nicole French


Developing parameters of design for an urban context and demonstrating them as a future design model, Jigar Abhay Gandhi


Chawls: Analysis of a middle class housing type in Mumbai, India, Priyanka N. Karandikar


Spatial transformations in Mercedes (Uruguay): representation of industrial agriculture growth and informal settlements., Maria Silvina Lopez Barrera

Theses/Dissertations from 2009


Dealing with rapid development: Creation of the informal urban economy and gecekondu housing in Istanbul, Gizem Akdogan


Propelling design evolution: using a scientifically driven design process to incrementally advance architecture, Robert Thaddeus Gassman

Theses/Dissertations from 2008


Big women, Danielle Christa Hermann

Theses/Dissertations from 2007


Green buildings: defining sustainable construction materials in Thailand, Pimsiri Thovichit

Theses/Dissertations from 2005


Place setting: architect as cultural inclusionist, Peter P. Goché

Theses/Dissertations from 2003


Editing architecture: architect as mediumistic being, Cameron Tyler Campbell

Theses/Dissertations from 2000


Smart growth solution in Ames, Cheung Chan

Theses/Dissertations from 1998


Affordable housing for artists: a sustainable prototype, Maureen Ann Ness


Architecture and hypertext: networks of proliferation, accretion and mutation, Katleen Wouters

Theses/Dissertations from 1997


Montage and theory of psychoanalysis, Tong Li


Montage and theory of psychoanalysis, Tong Li

Theses/Dissertations from 1993


Neighborhood revitalization and affordable housing: a case study of the River Bend neighborhood, Des Moines, Iowa, Robert Neal Humason


An exploration into the appeal of the work of Frank Lloyd Wright through Christopher Alexander's A Pattern Language and The Timeless Way of Building, Michael Laine Terlouw

Theses/Dissertations from 1992


Image and identity in historic districts: Their establishment and enhancement case study: Ames, Iowa, Medhat Elkattan


A midwest winery, Douglas E. Finck


Physical development of the open space system on ISU main campus, Xia Gu


Creating a landscape of memory: remaking Buxton, Iowa, Daniel Raymond Hunt


Integrating "smart house" technology and barrier free design for housing elderly and disabled persons, William Harry Lueck

Theses/Dissertations from 1991


A married student housing redevelopment analysis: Pammel Court, Iowa State University, Jason Chia-Sung Chang


The Chinese Cultural Center at Greenwood Park (Des Moines, Iowa) integrated into a landscape design: a reflection of Chinese culture in contemporary western architecture, Bin Hu

Theses/Dissertations from 1990


A comparative analysis of two space designs and the lighting effects of the Des Moines Art Center , Todd Lowell Bellis


A proposal for a public space system for the downtown area of Milwaukee, Wisconsin , Jerzy Lewicki

Theses/Dissertations from 1987


Design tools for providing wheelchair access, Samuel Ojo

Theses/Dissertations from 1980


A married student housing development: redevelopment of West Pammel Court married student housing Iowa State University, Jeffrey William Henneman


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