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Socrates was a philosopher who taught many young minds. Socrates even taught Plato another great philosopher. This great philosopher lived in the fifth century B.C. Socrates was wrongly accused and sentenced to death, but his knowledge lives on. Socrates was born around 470 B.C. Socrates was born into a poor family. Socrates was born in a village on the side of Mount Lycabettus. His father was a sculptor who was excellent at his job. When he was old enough his father taught him how to be sculptor but his creations always came out less than acceptable in the eyes of the clients. His mother was a mid wife. She helped deliver a lot of the children in Athens. In Athens it was common for young men like Socrates to have an elementary level…show more content…

At the age of fifty he married a woman and had three sons. While Socrates was teaching he would ask very hard questions, like “What is wisdom” Obviously none of the students could answer but most of them thought that the where right. Socrates came out and said,” I have yet to find the answer if there is one” His greatest achievement was his method of questioning. Among all of his teachings and quotes he never wrote about his own life. This is the reason why so little is known about him. Any sources found today have been written by second hand sources such as Plato (Lim97). Socrates was admired by many who understood his ideas. This showed that he was a good man in the eyes of the Athenian people. Socrates went on and asked all of his students to question themselves and see how many different points of views they would come up with. Many found that they had contradictory opinions for one question. This leads to many historians to think that Socrates was the one who originally said “An unexamined life isn’t worth living.” Socrates may not have said this but he did say, ”There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.” Socrates believed that absolute standards did exist for truth and justice. But this isn‘t how the people of Athens saw it.(Beck138) Socrates is known for his questions and how hard they seem to be. He’s also none for his quotes. Some of his quotes he doesn’t even know

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First Claim

Starting Sentence Option 1: Socrates was born to a stone mason and a midwife and raised as [example]. As a boy, he [action] and [action]. He also served in the army during [years] and was considered [brave/courageous]. His interest in philosophy seems to have begun at [age], when [situation]. This led to [first claim].

Starting Sentence Option 2: As a Greek philosopher, Socrates is [known for] and has affected [modern beliefs/modern philosophy] in ways you may not even realize. However, he came from humble beginnings as a [description] and [first claim].

  • Socrates was highly influential among the philosophers of his time.
  • Our views of Socrates are almost entirely shaped by what other philosophers wrote about him.
  • The main focus for Socrates was to determine how to live a good, virtuous life.
  • Socrates was sentenced to death due to his “impiety” and may have been politically motivated.
  • Many of Socrates’ followers were motivated to follow him and abandon their vocations.


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