Loan Servicing Cover Letter

Loan Officers are responsible for processing loan applications and either approving or denying them after going through a set of pre-established criteria. Loans can be granted both to individuals and businesses. Main responsibilities of a Loan Officer are interviewing applicants, requesting financial information from clients, determining financial eligibility, making decisions and justifying them to superiors, creating debt payment plans, recommending different types of loans, and following lending compliance regulations.

A well-written sample cover letter for Loan Officer should demonstrate the following abilities:

An example cover letter for Loan Officer showcasing similar skills is presented below.

Dear Ms. Moore:

When I learned of JMA’s need for a Loan Officer, I felt compelled to submit the enclosed resume. As an experienced loan officer and mortgage banking specialist with expertise in performing detailed credit and property assessments, originating and managing comprehensive loan applications, and providing exceptional customer service, I am prepared to exceed your expectations for this role.

With more than nine years of experience facilitating successful customer lending, I have gained comprehensive skills in applicant interviews, loan policy compliance, underwriting procedures, documentation reviews, and approval submission procedures. My demonstrated record of effectively coordinating loan funding, along with my commitment to optimal customer service, positions me to make a significant impact on your organization.

Highlights of my experience include…

  • Collaborating with loan and real estate agents, title companies, underwriters, appraisers, peers, and management to drive swift and efficient loan processing and completion.
  • Training and managing staff members to top performances while excelling on an individual-sales level to realize robust loan sales figures.
  • Networking with previous and existing customers as well as vendor referral sources to drive revenue growth.
  • Comprehensive knowledge in FNMA, FHLMC, FHA, VA, and subprime loans.

With my experience performing full life cycle loan processing functions, combined with my inherent interpersonal, organizational, and analytical skills, I am ready to provide outstanding service within your organization. I look forward to discussing the position with you in further detail. Thank you for your consideration.

Brian I. Murray

Loan Officer Cover Letter

The cover letter is used to apply for a job opportunity, which is advertised in a news paper or magazine. The cover letters have proved instrumental in grabbing good opportunities. Writing a cover letter is a challenging task. You need to focus on one step at one time. That will help you to become expert in writing the cover letters. Most of the companies prefer receiving the cover letter along with the resumes.

There are three major parts of the cover letter: the networking cover letter, enquiry cover letter and application cover letter. The networking cover letter is used to seek the information help in searching a job. The enquiry cover letter is written to enquire about the vacancies available in a company. The application cover letter is used to reply a job vacancy advertised in a newspaper or magazine. The application cover letter is the most common type of cover letter written by the applicants. Some applicants send the cover letter to market their profile. The cover letter must customize considering the job you are applying for. These days most of companies prefer e-mail cover letter. E-mail cover letters are written in the same format as other cover letters. The benefit of this kind of cover letter is that it can be made available immediately after the employer's request. Before you send your cover letter, make sure that you checklist all the points to ensure no point is left out.

How to write Loan Officer Cover Letter

The loan officer cover letter is written in the same way as other cover letters are written. The loan officer serves as liaison lending institution and the buyers. They solicit loans to the buyers. Sometimes, the loan officer represents creditors to the buyers and otherwise. They work for banks and lending institutions. In the beginning of the cover letter, you need to mention the contact information followed by the greeting lines. In the body of the cover letter, you need to mention the significant job responsibilities and skills while writing the cover letter. The major roles would include approving the loans within time limits, meeting with the loan applicants and getting the required information, and analyzing the applicant's financial status. In the end of the cover letter, we have to mention as what are you going to do after sending the application and mention the enclosure.

Sample Loan Officer Cover Letter


Steven Lawrence
65, Norton Drive,
Franklin Lakes, NJ-90432
Phone: 903-102-0392

Robert Coldwell
Human Resource Manager P Morgan Chase
043, Canrniege Centre, Montale, NJ-90342
Phone: 054-103-9032

Dear Mr.Coldwell,

With response to your advertisement in "Montale Daily News", dated January 2, 2011, I am applying for the position of a loan officer in your company. I have more than seven years of experience in the mortgage industry. I have dealt with entire life cycle of loan disbursement and have exceptional knowledge of handling various customers coming from different financials and social backgrounds.

I started my career with Wells Fargo, CA in the year 2004 as a mortgage sales executive. In the beginning of career, I have handled very basic job responsibilities such as calling the needy customers and explain them about the mortgage, scheduling the meeting with the loan officer, informing about the paperwork etc.In just two years, I was promoted to loan officer because of my exceptional performance and dedication as a loan officer.

I am currently working with TDCT as loan officer. I have been handling major roles such as submitting applications to credit analyst, supervising the loan personnel, setting credit lines and procedures, reviewing loan agreements and interacting with the customers.

I am an MBA in banking and I have exceptional customer service skills, and knowledge of investment banking, and credit policies.

I have, herewith, attached the updated resume for your kind reference. I hope my profile will suit your requirement.

Sincerely yours,

Robert Coldwell

Enclosure: Resume

The loan officer cover letter gives details of the applicant's experience as loan officer and his pertinent skills, which will influence the prospective employers.

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